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Travel Dates

catch me in these places in 2023

My husband Nick and I are constantly traveling. We are total nomads. 


I love exploring new places with my clients as well.


If you book my photography services while I'm traveling, you'll receive local pricing for the day.

I love making friends in all corners of this marvelous planet. Reach out and let's connect! 

Rome, Naples & Sicily, Italy

January 12-22

Antigua, Guatemala

Artist in Residence with Gracia Residency

March 16-29

Hudson Valley NY, & NYC

April 12-16

Hudson Valley, NY

May 19-21

San Francisco, CA

May 22-26

Bari, Italy

Women Photo Tours

June 12-19

NYC & Hudson Valley, NY

June 22-25

San Francisco, CA

July 21-24

Hudson Valley & Lake George, NY

August 18-21

Paris & Chenonceaux, France

October 11-18

Don’t see the location you’re hoping for? Reach out!
My schedule is often not set in stone and I would love to meet you somewhere on this big, beautiful planet! 

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wanna be friends even though our paths might not cross this year? follow me on the 'gram

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