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ditching the traditional wedding and making your  wedding day everything YOU want it to be.

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Your Day:
Your Way

ask yourself this honest question: what do you want your day to feel  like? 

whether your dream elopement involves hiking up your favorite mountain or a new one, an epic adventure with a helicopter, having a backyard elopement with just a few of your or traveling across the world, you deserve to have a day that is meaningful, heartfelt, and fun. Your wedding day is arguably the most intimate and connected day of your life- how absolutely breathtaking would it be to seal your hearts to one another overlooking one of this earth's most stunning landscapes or doing an activity that really tells the story of who you are?

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I’m so happy you landed here! My name is Dani and I’m a destination elopement photographer, adventurer, and world traveler!

I believe, with all of my heart, that your wedding day should be authentically true to who you are and can be the adventure of a lifetime, whether that means keeping it between you two or including your closest friends & family! It’s so important to me that your day is exactly what YOU two want, with no stress, so I’ll be there every step of the way to help bring your vision to life.

If you're seeking something totally different for your wedding day and love to explore our beautiful planet then I already know we’re gonna get along. I’ll be your new adventure buddy, tell your unique story, and help you craft an adventure that you’ll look back on forever.


say hi and let’s start planning your adventure!

Hey! I’m Dani and

I'm stoked you’re here.

I believe whole-heartedly in the magic of intimate weddings and elopements and ditching the big wedding. Having a day that represents the raw authenticity of who you two are as humans and having so much fun your faces hurt from smiling. Who says your wedding needs to look a certain way? 

We write our own stories. 


my philosophy

I have this philosophy that your wedding is a unique-to-you recipe and the ingredients I recommend you include for the most delicious, juiciest wedding are:

  • breaking the mold

  • adventure

  • intimacy  

  • authenticity- being true to you

  • fun & wonder

  • emotion & connection

  • a location that helps tell your story


Mix it all together and what’ve you got? a badass, unique, and memorable wedding day that opens the doors for being present, having a blast and soaking up the intimacy on your wedding day.

you deserve for your day to be uniquely you

This is your story, after all!

I will be there to help you from the day you and I decide to work together, through your wedding day and even after with helping you design your wedding album and keeping your memories safe.

If having an intimate wedding or elopement has crossed your mind but maybe you thought you just couldn't pull it off- I'm here to tell you that you can! The magical part about elopements is that they can be literally anything you want them to be. I'll not only be capturing the day of, but also helping you design, curate, plan, and execute your dream elopement!  So dream BIG because no adventure is too big for me.

this is your day so make it count! 


what is an elopement?

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When I first told my grandparents that Nick and I were planning an elopement, they almost fell over! To them, eloping meant running off and getting married without telling anyone, usually lots of spontaneity involved...which can still be true. The word elopement is changing though, and the word has become much more fluid than what our grandparents and parents knew. 

I believe an elopement is a wedding where the experience and intimacy are prioritized. Whether that means the two of you saying vows on the top of your favorite mountain or getting married in the backyard of your Grandma's house with 30 of your closest loved ones- an elopement is all about the story. The thing I love most about elopements is that there are no 'rules'- the day is entirely up to you to dream up. 


It's less stress, less family drama, less pressure to impress others;

the focus is on YOU and your adventure. 


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what others are saying  

"Working with Dani was amazing from start to finish! She makes you feel so comfortable, confident and natural. She is so thoughtful in what she does. We are in love with our photos, each one came out perfect. She was able to capture, and show our relationship and personality in each photo. Thank you Dani for such an amazing memorable experience!!!"

-Emily Stanek

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come as you are
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