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New York Elopement Photographer


Hey, I'm Daniela! 

I’m an elopement and intimate wedding photographer born + raised in New York. I currently live in both San Francisco & Philadelphia, and spend loads of time in New York.

Yep- I am always on the go! I specialize in epic elopements all over California, Pennsylvania and New York.


I especially love shooting in New York, because it's so timeless! Whether you're getting married in the Adirondacks or at the New York City Marriage Bureau, I am so pumped to talk to you about the vision for your wedding day!

When I’m not working, I can be found traveling the world or at a baseball game with my husband Nick, throwing the ball for my golden retriever, riding my peloton, running or rock climbing! 

laidback luxurious elopement & intimate wedding photography 

for real, honest love with a touch of magic

Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • You’ve made the badass decision to elope in breathtaking New York State!

  • You feel like you can finally breathe now that you've officially changed your planning mindset from a big wedding to a small, but mighty celebration 

  • You’re feeling giddy because this new plan to elope feels so much more “you”

But you’re also starting to feel a little overwhelmed because there’s so many different things to consider, so many locations to explore, and the logistics of planning this is more involved than you realized.


Don’t worry! I got you! 

Whether you want... Whiteface Mountain as your backdrop, have a small guest count, to hit up a your favorite New York City speakeasy, a day to be just the two of you, include your dogs, have your first dance around a glimmering lake in the Adirondacks, want to eat some pizza in your wedding attire...

I know just the place for you! I’m here to make this easy, stress-free, and fun so you can focus on each other and soaking up all of those precious memories. 


Reach out to talk about your New York Elopement. I can't wait to talk to you!

Check out some of my favorite locations for elopements in New York

Grand Central Station
Brooklyn Bridge Park 
Central Park 

Minnewaska State Park

Adirondacks State Park 
Lake Placid

And so many more ideas, depending on whether you want towering skyscrapers, stunning mountain views, lakes, hiking, etc! 

New York Elopements
& Intimate Weddings 

My favorite

I can't wait to chat with you about your elopement! 

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