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I am beyond excited to chat with you about documenting some of the most precious moments in your life! Nothing makes my heart feel more full like exploring the world with my people in places that make us feel alive. If you’ve landed here, I’m guessing that you feel a connection to me! Connection between us is incredibly important as I will be the one you’ll trust to preserve your memories.


If you’re looking for a photographer that will just show up, take some traditional, pose-y pictures, and go home then we might not be the best fit. I wanna get to know you for who you are and be there to help curate a day you will remember forever even before you see the photos. I dedicate a lot of time to getting to know you, replying to each email personally instead of an automated response, so you can rest assured it’s really me on the other end of this (probably snuggling with my dog Cooper as I write you back!).

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