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About Daniela

Behind The Lens

My name is Daniela, but you can call me Dani. I am a fine art and intimate wedding + elopement photographer, living in Philadelphia, PA, and working worldwide.


My passion for my work is most deeply connected to the process of telling people’s stories through photographs. Most of my work centers around the human experience, our shared existence, and the quest for revealing the truest form of each person that I document.


While my photography journey began as a young child, I honed my craft more thoroughly at the San Francisco Art Institute, receiving a BFA in Photography in 2017. The institution has produced giants in the field of photography and I was fortunate to study with and among leading artists and artistic minds. I bring this experience and perspective to each and every shoot. 

I have always marched to the beat of my own drum (hi, enneagram 4w5 here) and I was never 100% sure about being a wedding photographer.  My heart lies with storytelling and creating art. It was when I started photographing intimate weddings, and planning my own elopement, that I felt the same twinge of sparkles in my stomach- the same feeling I get when I am creating my fine art, that I knew this was something I was called to do. 

You're probably wondering where the Gemini Sun comes from in my business name. Well, my Sun sign is Gemini and have always felt strongly identified to having multiple sides of me- though I often used to be embarrassed by it, for fear of being called flaky and non-committal.


Over the last few years, through a lot of self-exploration,  I have come to embrace my multiple sides- even in my business. I have always struggled to define myself as a certain type of photographer, so I just didn't. I have accepted that my business (much like your wedding day) can look any way I want it to. I choose to fully embrace the fact that I am a fine art photographer who also documents love.

I can be both- because this is my story.

Outside of my work, I am passionate about running, mushrooms, red wine, and margaritas. I love the New York Mets, chai tea lattes, essential oils/ natural living, sushi, traveling, plants, and my family. I'm named after my favorite person who ever walked this earth, my sweet Nana. I grew up in upstate New York with a constant desire to explore. 

I'm a messy human, who is perfectly imperfect- just like you.

Scroll through the gallery below and get to know me through photos.

what others are saying  

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Finding a photographer was the part of wedding planning that we dreaded the most.


We absolutely hit the jackpot when we found Dani and it’s hard to imagine that we could have found a better person for us and our wedding.


Working with Dani was seamless from the first virtual meeting to getting our edited gallery.


We had a non-traditional, courthouse wedding where Dani acted as our photographer and witness.


She totally got the aesthetic and vibe we were aiming for and our photos reflect that and us as a couple.

Alyssa & Elliott

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