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Visiting Puerto Rico was unlike any of my other trips. It was more of a memorial trip. My sweet, sweet grandmother, whom I called Nana, was from Puerto Rico. Nick, my sister Sydney, and I took a trip to visit her home. She sadly passed away unexpectedly in 2017 and we never had the chance to visit Puerto Rico together, which breaks my heart. 

This was the second time we had tried to get to PR, because the first trip we had to cancel due to Hurricane Maria back in late 2017. Arriving in Puerto Rico felt like we had landed in another country despite it being a territory of the US. We admired it's gritty culture and wondered if it ever became a state if it would lose it's charm. We imagined it becoming Americanized, like some parts of Hawaii are. 

We spent a few days exploring San Juan, visiting historical sites and eating all of the delicious Puerto Rican food. We spent one day driving to the town where my Nana lived for the first 6 years of her life, Ponce. It was really special to see that. We really felt her presence with us during the whole trip. 

As the years go on, the pain becomes more tolerable. There is still so much I wish I had asked her, so many things I wish we got to experience together. Being able to experience this though, with my sister and fiancé was something I will never forget. 

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