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Rainy New York City Engagement Session

Updated: Aug 14

Eliana and Avi met in college at Binghamton University and their first date involved a hike in the nature preserve, dinner, then a movie. Their first date lasted 24 hours, and then they saw each other again the next day (how stinking cute). Eliana said, "I can’t believe how quickly he became such an integral part of my life".

I met Eliana and Avi at their best friends' wedding in 2022 which I photographed. They now live in NYC together with their sweet dog Nova and are planning their beautiful, weekend long camp wedding in the Berkshires that I am pinching myself that I get to be part of!

Planning this shoot was so fun, but even with all of the planning we did, it didn't go exactly to plan. The rain came and was on and off, but we truly made the best of it! We honestly had so much fun playing in the rain and wandering throughout Central Park that we ended up hanging out for hours longer than we were 'planning' to.

I don't take on clients that I can't imagine myself being friends with in real life, it takes my job and my couple's experience to the next level. I care about truly connecting with my couples and getting to know them on a deep level so I can document them in a raw, authentic and honest way. And you might just get a lifelong friend in the process too ;)

We started their dreamy NYC engagement session at Bethesda Fountain and Eliana and Avi came dressed to impress! They look SO DANG GOOD, don't they?! I knew from the moment I met them that they are soulmates from way they look at each other and work together as a team. After some classic Bethesda Fountain shots, we went into Bethesda Terrace, where a beautiful opera singer was belting out some pure magic. Eliana and Avi started to dance together under the terrace and it was a straight up a fairytale.

After Bethesda Terrace, we walked to Central Park Mall and that's when the rain started. We came prepared, though, with umbrellas and it made for a cute prop. I snapped a few photos of them on black and white film too, love how those came out.

As we wandered through the park, we laughed and conversed and I felt like I had known them for years. We reached some big boulders and Eliana started climbing them without hesitation in her high heels like a total badass. I am in love with the photos we got at the top of the boulders with the foggy skyline behind them and the foliage of central park, its the perfect combination of city and nature.

Our next location was epic. I was able to stay on the top of the boulders while they went to Gapstow bridge and we lucked out with a few moments of having the bridge to ourselves. I was able to capture some pretty magical photos of them from afar sitting on the bridge.

It was started to rain a bit heavier now, and the sun was going down so I decided to play with some of the lights that were starting to come on in the park. I positioned Eliana and Avi with the light behind them so it would light not only their umbrella, but also the rain drops. The outcome is some of my all time favorite photos I've ever taken. They are so romantic and just totally different. Let me know what you think of them : )

The final phase of the engagement session was a quick taxi ride back to their apartment for an outfit change (hello matching outfits!!) and then we walked over to their local pizza shop for some final photos with a tasty snack! Mmmmm. Nothing better than NYC pizza.

So grateful for these two for being open to all of my creative ideas and playing in the rain with me, for opening their hearts to me and making my job so much fun. I cannot wait for their wedding!

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