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I am so glad you're here! weddings are so special to me because I believe there is nothing more beautiful than two people grabbing hands, vowing themselves to each other, and jumping into the unknown together. it's truly a special thing to have someone as your life partner.

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hey,  I'm Dani!

your adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographer and guide


Hi, I'm Daniela but you can call me Dani! 

I'm an intimate wedding + elopement photographer who is all about authenticity and adventure. I am so glad you are here! 

Travel has been part of my life as long as Nick has been my partner. He was actually the one who introduced me to travel and after taking my first trip to Vancouver with him, I realized I was not only head over heels in love with Nick but also the exhilarating experience of adventure and travel. 

All throughout my time in college, Nick and I were long-distance, making our time together during weekends invaluable. Most of my weekends in college I spent taking $100 Frontier flights to Colorado to visit Nick or traipsing around the US or Canada or Mexico. Over Christmas & Spring breaks we took longer trips like to New Zealand/Australia with saved up points and miles from Nick's work travels.


It was an exhilarating time to be going to art school in San Francisco and to also have the opportunity to have these experiences over my weekends and holidays. My classmates thought I was insane, a college kid heading to SFO nearly every weekend, but Nick and I were having too much fun to care.  


Throughout the last 6.5 years, Nick and I have managed to visit nearly 20 countries together and 6 continents! Nick even hit his goal of reaching all 7 continents and all 50 states before age 30 (I'm on track to hit that at age 26!). We have had some unbelievable adventures including a Polar Plunge in Antarctica and doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, and last year we spent 6 months of the year traveling the US by car which took us cross-country multiple times! 

I know that this is supposed to be an 'about me' section but when I think about why traveling and adventuring is so important to me, a major piece of it is the person I have shared it all with. Wanderers. It's truly who we are. Never in one place for too long, and always trying to see and experience as much as we can. 

The thing I love about traveling is the willingness one must have to jump into the unknown, and I think that a marriage is very similar in that way: always an adventure. 

This day is all about YOU and you deserve it to be stress-free and well-documented! From the time we do our first consult, I will give a piece of myself to you. It's my dream to help make your dreams come true. We will dive deep into who you are as a couple and what your dreams are for your wedding day. 


MoreThan A Photographer

your new best friend. 


As an enneagram 4, I thrive off of being different from others. I love individuality and authenticity. There's really nothing I love more than when someone sees me for who I really am, and that is what I strive for when I photograph YOU. I want to really see you. I hate surface level, small talk. I love sharing stories and making a genuine connection. I want to know you both deeply and tell your story in the richest way I can. I'm also incredibly passionate about experience and adventure so I want to help you bring who you are into your day.

As a Gemini, I fully embrace my two sides. In my business, it means my commercial and fine art styles of shooting, which means you get clean, yet magical photos to remember your most precious day. 

When I'm not behind my camera you can find me running, traveling the world, drinking chai tea lattes or watching the NY Mets. I am a warm and energetic person, I am truly obsessed with my dog, Cooper! I've lived in NY, CA, CO and PA. I am incredibly close with my mom and 3 sisters, and I love crystals and plants!

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I'll help you not only preserve the magic of your wedding day, but also help you curate your day to be as epic and authentic to you as possible.


my philosophy 

I'm in love with the truly empowering magic of two hearts becoming one.


I believe that your wedding day should reflect who you and your partner are as people. It should be SO authentically you that you are straight up beaming the entire day. It's a celebration of your lives coming together, so why should it be anything but authentically, and uniquely you? 


Bearing witness to two people choosing experience over things lights my heart on fire. In a world that becomes more and more engulfed in consumerism, I am humbled to my core to see my couples choosing mindfulness, gratitude, intimacy, and authenticity. 


Traditions can be nice, but not ones that keep who we are, at our core, small and in boxes. It is so important to do what our hearts call on us to do, despite what expectations others may have for your wedding day. 


I believe that the only people who truly have a say in your wedding day planning are the two people tying the knot (and the vendors helping you plan). So do YOU, and I will be there every step of the way, while you dream, curate and revel in the magic of your most special day. 

If you're planning a super large, traditional wedding, I am probably not your gal, and that is okay! I want to be the missing piece of the puzzle for my couples planning their wedding day and really strive to click with each and every one of my couples. It's so incredibly important to me because if we connect on a deeper level, I'll be able to get the most real and authentic photos of the two of you. 


Why would I want

full-day coverage of my elopement?

this is not your typical "stand and look at the camera" photoshoot with forced smiles, and awkward posing. 

It's about capturing you two being YOU and me helping you bottle up some of the magic of the day for later (aka generations to come). when you're true to who you are, the day will feel so much more raw and heartfelt and I am there to capture all of the moments, big and little throughout your day. you putting on your dress on a mountaintop, hopping into the jeep, popping champagne, taking a moment to just enjoy the scenery together. the in-between moments, where your hands instinctively find each other on the walk back to the car, or when your mom gives you that extra squeeze because your grandma couldn't be there. It all matters, because it's part of your story. I don't believe that an elopement should have less coverage just because there are fewer guests. there's just as much story to tell as a big wedding, if not more. 


get your free wedding consultation

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so how does all of this work? 




north america


Epic 2-Day Experience


2 full days together- your entire epic adventure documented

I’ll tell the whole story of your wedding with two full days (up to two 12-hour days)  of exploring as many locations as you want, doing the activities that make your heart skip a beat, and getting married somewhere breathtaking in between! You could go on an epic multi-day, overnight backpacking trip, where we hike in, camp at your location together, and hike out together (up to 16 miles round trip), or we can spend a full two days together exploring multiple spots by car, ferry, or helicopter (or all 3?!). This gives you the ultimate chance to see all the diverse scenery you could dream of and get your incredible experience together documented. This package is perfect for you if you’re a lover of both the cities and nature, we can explore a city one day and do an epic hike the other. Whatever you can dream up! 


unlimited planning help

First I send you a questionnaire to get to know you two, which asks everything about what you’re envisioning for your day. Next, I send epic location ideas and help you settle on your dream location. You’ll also get vendor recommendations and all the tips, tricks, and logistical help- and I’ll even provide you with a timeline that optimizes the best lighting for your photos and promotes a fun and relaxed experience. You get all the resources you need to curate your own unique and incredible adventure.


All your photos

You’ll always receive the full original resolution, edited digital image files with unlimited downloads, sharing, and personal printing rights. They’ll also be in an online gallery that’s available worldwide to share with all of your family & friends.


My travel is covered

No matter what location you end up choosing in the continental US, Alaska, Hawai, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Canada that’s accessible by standard commercial airlines and a 2WD car, there’s no extra fee. I’ll take care of all my own travel costs.


(It might just be a bit more if you want to take a helicopter, hot air balloon, etc ;) )


Ready for the 


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I am beyond excited you're here and I can't wait to help you create the wedding of your dreams! 

Or simply email me at

and I can set the call up for you! 

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